Holistic Health Care 

                      Dr. Cassandra Generlette M.D.                                                                                   Family Medicine Doctor  in St. Maarten

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program

What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

At the first visit you will receive a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Cassandra Generlette, including a physical examination, lab work,and body composition analysis (weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and basal metabolic rate). 

During the first phase you will begin with a detoxification diet designed specifically to jumpstart your metabolism. During this month you will be encouraged to eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and work on decreasing your process food intake.

Most patients who follow the program begin to lose weight and can lose up to 5 lbs during the first month

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What Can I Expect At My Second Visit?

At your second visit your you labs will be reviewed to make sure there is no contraindication to starting the program. You will once again be weighed and the specifics of HCG diet will be reviewed with you. You will provided a 7 day supply of HCG in pre-filled syringes and you will be instructed on how to administer the shots. You also have the option of coming in every day to have your injection administered by the nurse.

Following this visit, you will be seen on a weekly basis for weigh ins and to receive your weekly HCG supply.