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Weight Loss FAQs

 glycogen within 3-4 days. After that period, body gets the signal to switch on to starvation mode and prevents weight loss.

Why do some weight loss diet plans fail?

During dieting a person eats less, so his or her body receives a signal from the brain to enter starvation mode from the brain. The brain is wired to protect the body against starvation and death, so it protects fat stores to keep the body healthy through a starvation period.

How is starvation mode triggered?

The brain uses glucose for proper functioning, which it gets from the blood. Blood absorbs glucose from the food we eat. During dieting, blood receives less glucose. To overcome the shortage of glucose, the brain starts receiving backup glucose from the liver, stored in the form of glycogen. The brain finishes using the stored

How are dieting and the starvation mode mechanism interrelated?

The moment the body goes into starvation mode it receives a signal from the brain to reduce the rate of metabolism. As the metabolism goes down, the body starts burning calories that are equivalent to our intake. Weight loss is minimal in this phase since calorie intake is equal to the calories burned.

To fulfill the body’ required protein, the brain signals the body to eat up its own body muscle, leading to low energy and weakness. At this juncture people generally give up dieting. During this period the body’s low metabolic rate lowers to burn even fewer calories than before. Hence, the diet plan fails. Instead of losing weight, people tend to gain weight as low metabolism starts burning lesser calories.

Our weight loss programs avoid these pitfalls because they are medically supervised throughout and individually tailor the diet and exercise plans to each patient’s metabolism. Where most diets damage metabolism, ours encourage its health and well-being for years to come.