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What Can I Expect At My First Visit?

Before your first aesthetic treatment, the most important aspect of the visit is the consultation. Your Aesthetic goals will be discussed and we will review the most appropriate treatment. 

After the initial discussion, Dr. Generlette will review your medical conditions and medications. Please be sure to bring a comprehensive list of your medication including all prescribed medications as well as over-the-counter,  skin creams and any supplements to make sure there is no contraindication to administering Botox or Facial fillers.

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Free Consulation

Following this you facial muscles will be examined, by having you perform a series of facial movements, which will enable Dr. Generlette to assess the location and strength of the muscles causing your facial lines. The consultations will be concluded with the customized treatment plan. 

The goal of any aesthetic treatment at Holistic Healthcare is to improve your appearance without overcorrection, We want you to be the best you. 

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